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Q1: Can the mains charger (AC adapter) be used with the solar panel and/or car charger?
Answer: Yes, the charging power is higher
Q2: Can I use different ports to simultaneously charge my outdoor power supply (unit, charger)?
Answer: Yes, for example, when using AC mains charging, the car charging port can also be charged
Q3: Can my outdoor power supply (unit, battery) still be plugged in after being fully charged?
Answer: Of course, it comes with a protective circuit and automatically stops when fully charged.
Q4: Can the Etaker outdoor power supply be used to start the car in an emergency?
Answer: Yes, flexible start; Need to be equipped with a charging clip. First charge the car battery for 15-30 minutes before starting it
Q5: How to activate/disable the display screen of P300/P800/P1000/P2000?
Answer: P300/P800/P1000: On, long press and hold any of the four buttons DC/USB/AC/LED, and turn it off similarly P2000: On/Off, both by long pressing the ON/OFF button
Q6: Is the Etaker outdoor power supply equipped with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)?
Answer: Yes, built-in MPPT digital algorithm tracking
Q7: Is Etaker solar panel waterproof?
Answer: Waterproof, IP65